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Profiling: Rin Shibuya (iDOLM@STER Cinderella Girls

From the New Generation and 2-Cost Alliance to holding the first slot of the Cinderella Master CDs, Rin is one of the most popular Cinderella Girls out there. Damn, I better not screw this up… I’m the Roninator, and I’m a Profiler!


 photo rin-prof_zps1a4918ba.jpg

Name: Rin Shibuya
Age: 15
Height/Weight: 165cm/44Kg
B-W-H: 80-56-81
Birthday/Zodiac: 10 August/Leo, the Lion
Blood Type: B
Handedness: Right
Origin: Tokyo
Hobbies: Walking her dog
CV: Ayaka Fukuhara

(Regular Non-Plus)

Profile Comment: Well, what have we here? Are you supposed to be my producer? … Can’t be too bad, I guess… My name’s Rin Shibuya. Pleased to meet you.
Trust Up: P-Producer… I’ll keep trying harder.
Trust Max: Thanks, like always. I’m… a little clumsy with words, so maybe I haven’t made this cleas… but I truely thank you for everything you’ve done.
Leader Comment: … We will win.

I need to do my homework after this…
How about a live performance today?
P-Producer. What’re you doing after this?
You ready? Alright. Time for work.
(Trust Max) P-Producer, I’ve made some tea. Would you like some?

And that’s a wrap.
Thank you, sir.
… … What?
P-Producer, do you think they found that entertaining?
(Trust Max) P-Producer, there’s no time to rest now.

(Regular Plus)

Profile Comment: Heh, heh… how’s this look? First time I’ve ever worn something like this, but I think I kinda like it. Thanks, Producer.
Trust Up: P-Producer. Stay with me, for always, please.
Trust Max: … … Every moment I’m by you, P-Producer, I feel at ease. Heheh… keep watching over me, by my side.
Leader Comment: Everybody, up and at ’em!

How about a lesson today?
How about a live performance today?
You ready? Alright. Time for work.
Hey, P-Producer. What should we do today?
(Trust Max) P-Producer. Thanks for coming to see me again.

Thank you, sir.
… I can do more.
And that’s a wrap.
Wouldn’t it be nice if we could get some more outfits… P-Producer?
(Trust Max) P-Producer. I hope you saw every moment of me.

(New Generation Non-Plus)

Skill: Reticent Braveheart (TL: Literally, silent fighting spirit.)

Profile Comment: Welcome to… oh, it’s just you Producer. Need something? … … What? “I didn’t know you worked at a flower shop?” This is my house, you know.
Trust Up: Thanks… as always, P-Producer.
Trust Max: Hey, P-Producer. Promise me you’ll stay next to me forever, okay?
Leader Comment: … … I never hold back.

My family uses the home as a flower shop.
School? Today’s a day off.
You like my little dog? Cute, isn’t she?
P-Producer, are you a dog person or a cat person? … I’m… both.
(Trust Max) … P-Producer. Want some candy?

P-Producer, you going to buy any flowers?
(Guess I’ll walk Hanako when I get back…)
… … What?
All done here, thanks.
(Trust Max) Looks like my dog likes you too, P-Producer.

(New Generation Plus)

Profile Comment: When we first met, I had no idea you’d do all this work to get me where I am now… Thank you, Producer. Ha hah, I think it’s time I pushed myself for you. You think?
Trust Up: P-Producer, you space out like that, you’ll have to run to catch up.
Trust Max: P-Producer, thanks for getting me this far. … I shouldn’t have expected less. Maybe. Hah, hah, hah!
Leader Comment: … I won’t make this easy.

Where’s work today?
… Thanks for helping out. P-Producer, you’re always so energetic, aren’t you?
You like my little dog? Cute, isn’t she?
School? Today’s a day off.
(Trust Max) We can’t stop now, P-Producer. We don’t have the time!

… Someone asked for my autograph on my way here. Said he was a fan… glad I met him.
All done here, thanks.
… … What?
I know it won’t be easy, getting to the top.
(Trust Max) … Come to think of it, we’ve been spending all our time together lately, P-Producer.



To wrap it up in a laconic, Rin’s a textbook kuudere. She’s not exactly a social person, but is perhaps an ambivert, rather than an introvert as some might suggest. Rin is a doer above most things. She seems to be a no-nonsense kind of girl, and is very task-oriented. This is a double-edged sword on her personality, as it goes well with her [New Generation] card’s skill name, “Reticent Braveheart”, while it makes her more aloof than what her aura already implies.

Rin’s parents run a flower shop. Perhaps she knows a thing or two about flowers. She also has a dog named Hanako.

Most people will compare her with Chihaya. As Rin would parallel her the way Uzuki would parallel Haruka, there are similarities between the two. But there are differences worth noting as well. An obvious difference is that Chihaya’s a Pisces with Blood Type B, and Rin is a Leo with Blood Type A (This is from Japan, and there, astrology and blood types are worth noticing when it comes to personality).

Rin is not exactly a talker. If she talks to you more in your conversations, that’s proof that’s she’s lowering her guard on you. If she’ll talk about herself more to you, that’s a sign she’s opening up to you as well!

She may appear cold on the outside, but that’s just her not knowing how to interact with people that well, including how to react in some cases. Somewhere underneath is a good, sweet girl and you need to spend some time with her to eventually thaw it out. That’s what I think is the source of Rin’s charm.