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CG Card Update: Happiness In! DE Dream LIVE Festival (2015-02-01)

[Ethnic Tiger] Sugisaka Umi


Profiling: Natalia (IDOLM@STER Cinderella Girls)

So for the first time in a long time, I’ll get back to the one ‘illegal’ thing I can get away with- stalking fictional girls. I’m the Roninator, and I’m a profiler.



Age: 14
Height/Weight: 155cm/43Kg
B-W-H: 84-55-86
Birthday/Zodiac: 29 June (Cancer, the Crab)
Blood Type: A
Handedness: Right
Origin: Rio de Janeiro
Hobbies: Belly dancing

(TL: If it sounds like the translation for Natalia is stiff, it’s because her Japanese isn’t fluent.)


Skill: Passionate Dance (Cute DEF Down, medium)

(Regular Non-Plus)
Profile Comment: Pleased to meet you, Producer! I am Natalia. Please help me out, okay? Uhh… I want to be as attractive as those idols I see on TV! Umm… Producer, please treat me as much as you’d like!
Trust Up: Uhh… P-Producer, thanks for all the work!
Trust Max: Hey Producer, Natalia still doesn’t know a lot about idols or Japan. Could you teach me from A to Z?
Leader Comment: It’s Punisher Time! (TL: Sorry, just couldn’t help myself.)


  • Help me out, please!
  • Producer, you try too!
  • P-Producer, Natalia will become a great idol!
  • Japanese food… is sushi! I want to eat sushi!
  • (Trust Max) Natalia will be P-Producer’s number one!


  • Natalia’s working hard!
  • Job done!
  • P-Producer, are you good at (holding)? Hmm? I mean, dancing? (TL: She mispronounces the Japanese word for dance, then ends up using the English.)
  • (Trust Max) Heeeey, P-Producer can run fast… He must be a ninja…

(Regular Plus)
Profile Comment: Producer, thanks for everything you’ve taught me. Has Natalia become attractive to you? Please continue looking after me, every hour, every day!
Trust Up: Hey, Natalia loves P-Producer!
Trust Max: Whenever Natalia is with P-Producer, she’s so happy. This must be love! I love you! Heh, heh…
Leader Comment: My passion cannot be beaten!


  • Help me out, please!
  • I’m hungry! Delivery sushi!
  • Producer, you try too!
  • P-Producer, being an idol is fun!
  • (Trust Max) Natalia will be P-Producer’s wife!


  • Natalia’s working hard!
  • Job done!
  • Hmmmm I want a bath!
  • P-Producer, before we work, we eat!
  • (Trust Max) Hey, P-Producer. Take me to an onsen sometime please!

(Happy Bridal)

Skill: Tropical Dance (All ATK/DEF Up, large)

(Happy Bridal Non-Plus)

Profile Comment: Natalia’s so happy she can wear a pretty dress for a wedding show! But in Japan, you wear “Shiromuku?” P-Producer, if you want me to wear it, I’ll put on a “Shiromuku”. Brides are supposed to wear it, am I right?
Trust Up: Producer’s also falling for Natalia, isn’t he?
Trust Max: P and Natalia will together forever, so Producer please look after Natalia forever. Don’t worry about a ring, we can promise with a pinky swear!
Leader Comment: This is my newest dance creation!


  • The view is pretty! Is Natalia too?
  • P-Producer, is there sushi that doesn’t roll? (TL: This is a reference to rolling sushi places, where the stuff is on a conveyor belt.)
  • I’m learning Japanese with Nina!
  • My left hand is empty here! On my ring finger!
  • (Trust Max) Eh, heh heh, P-Producer. Will you give Natalia a ring?


  • P-Producer, Natalia will do her best on song and dance! Leave everything to her!
  • I can’t read this kanji… hey, could you tell me?
  • Trainer gave me a compliment!
  • I’d like to be married with everybody…
  • (Trust Max) P-Producer, everybody loves me! It’s because you were here!

(Happy Bridal Plus)
Profile Comment: Everyone’s cheering for Natalia. Heheh, it’s because you were here P! In return, Natalia will cheer for you! Fight! Be the all the producer you can be, because Natalia will become a top idol!
Trust Up: I will give you Love! I can give a lot to you P!
Trust Max: When Natalia became an idol, P was always with her! Please stay at her side forever, okay darling?
Leader Comment: This will be the best live!


  • The view is pretty! Is Natalia too?
  • Am I going to be married soon?
  • I’m learning Japanese with Nina!
  • God looks over those walking down the aisle, P.
  • (Trust Max) Natalia is yours, P. Please keep her close!


  • Today is the most exciting day! Everyone come with me!
  • Trainer gave me a compliment!
  • I can’t read this kanji… hey, could you tell me?
  • This job is to make everyone happy!
  • (Trust Max) Natalia isn’t playing around? She takes work and P very seriously!


Natalia is not like most gaijins in the game. While some are actual Japanese residents and some know Japanese through other means, Natalia differs herself by not being a complete literate. Her knowledge of Japanese is not that expansive. Despite this, she doesn’t stop, and is willing to learn as she takes on being an idol. Don’t be deceived by her seemingly reserved way of talking (which doesn’t show here on her translated lines), since she is as genki as every other idol you may find in the Passion category. Whatever the task ahead, Natalia will do it with confidence.

At first, Natalia comes to Producer like a student to a teacher, but as time passes, she grows onto him. She doesn’t shy away from showing her affection for the Producer, and it’s perhaps best described as ‘innocent’. It’s not clingy, but not out-of-place either. Just as how she’s willing to do what it takes to be an idol, she’ll do anything that pleases the Producer, and make him see her in the same light as she does to him.