The blog of a Certain Masterless Samurai walking the Path of Heavens

Fun Profile

Stuff I’ll probably be posting out of boredom and creativity for something not related to what I have to say blog-wise.


Warcraft 3 Stats

STR: 16 + 1.8
AGI: 21 + 1.8
INT: 19 + 2.1

Primary Attribute: Agility


Rational Post
Makes a statement out of pure logic. It makes anyone who sees it and do not grasp a whole of a situation burn their brain cells, effectively dealing damage.

Random Thought
Capable of saying the most random things, from rants to praises to commentary, etc. Baffles anyone who is caught by the thinking process.

Troll Ignorance
Acknowledges the existence of trolls, but can shove off their attacks, rendering them useless.

Big Brother Templar Knight
Can defend anything he seems right up to a high priority. Named after a certain trope as this is perhaps as defensive as he can be.


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