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Ritsuko Loot Unboxing (Image Heavy)

First up, I wanna thank Clear for hooking me up with all these stuff.

So a while back, I’ve ordered a bunch of Ritsuko stuff from a friend, and on June 23, the package finally came! Since it came on her birthday, this was a good way to celebrate. ^^


CG Card Update: Voiced Idol Audition 1st Place Memorial Dream Chance Gacha (2015-02-09)

[Milky B.B] Oikawa Shizuku


CG Card Update: Idol LIVE Royale Valentine SP (2015-02-09)

[Royale Star NP] Fujiwara Hajime


CG Card Update: Friday Night Fever Campaign (Anya) (2015-02-07)

[Dream Story] Ansatasia

CG Card Update: 7th CD SR Campaign (2015-02-05)

[CD Debut] Miyamoto Frederica


CG Card Update: Happiness In! DE Dream LIVE Festival (2015-02-01)

[Ethnic Tiger] Sugisaka Umi


CG Card Update: Mischievous Little Devil Valentine Gacha (2015-02-01)

[Valentine Devil] Ohta Yuu


CG Card Update: Taiko no Tatsujin Collaboration Campaign (2015-01-29)

[DONDOKO Rhythm] Jougasaki Rika

CGC Card update: Friday Night Fever Campaign (Rin) (2015-01-24)

[Dream Story] Shibuya Rin

CG Card Update: Talk Battle Show #8 (2015-01-23)

[T.B. Circus] Akanashi Erika