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Ritsuko Loot Unboxing (Image Heavy)

First up, I wanna thank Clear for hooking me up with all these stuff.

So a while back, I’ve ordered a bunch of Ritsuko stuff from a friend, and on June 23, the package finally came! Since it came on her birthday, this was a good way to celebrate. ^^

The sacred box itself.

 photo 20160625_100507_zpsnbhsvklp.jpg

Most unboxers will show you the box contents once opened. But me doing so would spoil most of the good stuff that came with this box so I’ll refrain from it.

But now, the contents one by one! First up, the pins and key chains!

 photo 20160625_100825_zps6afsgers.jpg
 photo 20160625_101008_zps7vjrzqbn.jpg

(Above is not a keychain or pin, I know orz)

 photo 20160625_101156_zpsyztn303t.jpg
 photo 20160625_101243_zpsdev2asjq.jpg
 photo 0f2cfe62-2ec7-4dd4-928e-d1297d24d9ec_zpsficywnzp.jpg
 photo 058d0449-db50-4611-8585-47581e2f39c5_zps3goyk7oy.jpg
 photo 20160625_102919_zps45unok2f.jpg
 photo 20160625_102951_zps1sufqjdm.jpg
 photo 20160625_103008_zpsa4zby3rc.jpg
 photo 20160625_103031_zpslzw7dgtg.jpg
 photo 20160625_103043_zpsusv1mlo2.jpg
 photo 20160625_103102_zpszsjoyjel.jpg

 photo 20160625_104419_zps9qkd3otr.jpg
 photo 20160625_104602_zpsrkhda38p.jpg
 photo 20160625_104616_zpsm3pyq9re.jpg

 photo 20160625_104645_zps5tgnjomd.jpg

Next up is an autograph portrait, encased in a CD case.

 photo e03bdbec-d75f-45d7-8f45-462b6c4193a0_zpszneqhvtf.jpg

When I first took this out, I noticed that there were two pictures inside. I thought that the other is gonna be another Ritsuko, but…

 photo 20160625_103308_zpsvuxy2po9.jpg

…It’s a Yayoi instead! ^^

Next up are a couple of plastic banners.

 photo 20160625_103344_zpshycogvhk.jpg

Thait case above, and…

 photo 20160625_103406_zpsn43iarnk.jpg

…their contents!

 photo 20160625_103514_zps0p7e8tlx.jpg

Banner stretched vs rolled for comparison.

Following that, we have a drinking glass.

 photo 20160625_103614_zpsb0zqnutc.jpg

Its box.

 photo 20160625_103711_zpswfydfull.jpg

Side of the cup that features Ricchan herself.

 photo 20160625_103722_zpst8kkekcf.jpg

Other side that features the silhouettes of the 765 idols.

Following that is a towel.

 photo 20160625_103800_zpsn8eqd9ys.jpg

(…Damn lighting…)

 photo 20160625_103938_zpsacejuu9a.jpg

The towel itself. Autograph portrait for scale.

And now what I consider the MVP of the box…..

 photo 20160625_104218_zpsmqz3j16w.jpg

…..Chicchan!! Yes, that’s a plushie, the one that you hold in your sleep to hide from the darkness in my hea- to cuddle with! TO CUDDLE WITH!

Another personal fave, a slide folder with maid Ricchan!

 photo 20160625_104705_zpsoi0ew03i.jpg

Here’s what the back looks like.

 photo 20160625_104712_zpshak3ajuu.jpg

It actually came with a bunch of stickers inside!

 photo 20160625_104738_zpsps4qc2sz.jpg

And last but not least, a coaster for Ricchan, which I assume what was used in said bar at the time.

 photo 20160625_104754_zpshjlsbcky.jpg

Again, Thanks so much Clear for these stuff. My payment will be with my sou- I mean. Really thanks. ^^

And for everyone who reached the end of this post, what do you think was the best among this haul?



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