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Profiling: Miyo Harada (IDOLM@STER Cinderella Girls)

It’s time again to take a look at someone from Cinderella Girls and know how much we can about them. I’m the Roninator, and I’m a profiler.


Harada Miyo

Latent Brilliance

Age: 20
Height/Weight: 163cm/46Kg (5’4″/101.2 lbs.)
Birthday/Zodiac: November 14/Scorpio
Blood Type/Handedness: O/Right
Origin: Ishikawa
Hobbies: Tuning up cars and motorcycles

Profile Comment: I… don’t seem like a girl to you? Okay, messing with cars and ‘bikes are guy hobbies I know, but I’m really a normal girl at heart you know? Producer, all you gotta do is check up on my bodywork and take my handle!
Heart Plus Comment: I’m usually the one maintaining, but being maintained feels nice too…
Heart MAAAAAAX Comment: Lately, I’ve been thinking about Producer and work than I have about cars. I can become more beautiful, so that as an idol (P-Name)-san can look at me with pride!
Leader Comment: Fuuuuull throttle!
Greetings: I like ’em when they’re cool! … I mean, I like cars when they’re cool!
Greetings: Oh, the sound of an engine purring. Sends shivers down your spine, doesn’t it?
Greetings: Yo!
Greetings: Man, my shoulders are aching. Producer, could you throw some maintenance on ’em?
Job Finished: Whoa… That’s what an idol’s all about…
Job Finished: I always fix it up nice!
Job Finished: I wonder if I put some smiles on everyone’s faces?
Job Finished: (P-Name)-Producer, you don’t think my make-up’s… a little off?
Job Finished: This idol thing’s about as fun as tuning up my cars!

Profile Comment: My body and popularity is as great as ever! (P-Name), I knew you were a great producer! Bet it was a wild race, keeping tabs on my upkeep. If you can still keep up with it, we’ll blast to the top before you know it!
Heart Plus Comment: (P-Name)-san! Uh… could you get my back zipper?
Heart MAAAAAAX Comment: (P-Name)-san, I’ll take care of you when you’re tired. We were made for each other, after all – I couldn’t ask for a better partner!
Leader Comment: Time to fly!
Greetings: Yo!
Greetings: These clothes’re pretty aggressive, you think?
Greetings: I like ’em when they’re cool! … I mean, I like cars when they’re cool!
Greetings: (P-Name)-san, you wanna go for a spin sometime?
Greetings: (P-Name)-san, you tired? I can throw some maintenance on you if you’d like. I’ll be nice.
Job Finished: The idol business is pretty deep, huh…?
Job Finished: (P-Name)-san, how do these look on me? Just right?
Job Finished: I always fix it up nice!
Job Finished: I wonder if I put some smiles on everyone’s faces?
Job Finished: (P-Name)-san, this idol thing… is really fun!



If you want a laconic, it’s simply “chick mechanic”.

Expanded further, Miyo is like your girl next door. Except for the fact that she is a mechanic and likes to tune up bikes and cars. being a Boyish interest, and the fact that she holds no other notable girl traits (she barely cares of what she looks like during work), some may assume she’s a tomboy, but I don’t think so- she’s just not that  into girly things. Adding to her character is her tendency to use racing analogies and her bit of feeling homey under such conditions. (Referenced by her idol form being a pit crew/racer hybrid costume)  She may as well be your girl for all thing automobile. She does like being an idol, and in time she’d be a little more self-conscious in her looks because she wants you (Producer) to be proud of her.

For some speculative stuff, since she is into tuning bikes and cars, I can assume she has good arm strength (as needed in this line of activity). Scorpios are introverted, so she’s probably misunderstood over her personality. Also, I suppose she can ride bikes and cars (since she tunes them up anyway, why not?)

So yeah, as a character, she’s very interesting to observe. Someone most boys may probably like and not feel awkward to be with. Miyo Harada, one of the girls in iDOLM@STER: Cinderella Girls. Work hard and aim for the top.

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